Diakon Wilderness Center – Alpine Tower

The B&A team spent time at the Diakon Wilderness Center on Saturday April 14th.  After arriving around 10am we met with local youth participating in Diakon’s weekend program.  Instructor John gave us a quick tutorial of the skills we would need to climb the 60′ Alpine Tower.  This exercise uses “belaying” – a technique of exerting friction on a climbing rope to prevent falling a long distance.  While one participant climbs the tower you rely and trust your “belayers” to keep the safety rope attached to your harness taut.  After completing the ascent, the “belayers” lower each climber safely to the ground.

Check out the video below…

We appreciate Diakon welcoming us back to their facility and allowing us to speak and interact with the participants of their program.  We will be uploading videos from the “Rope Bridge” and “Zipline” shortly.