B&A Brotherhood

May 2015 – Los Angeles

This school year, Blessed&Appreciative was extended the opportunity to partner with the UCLA After-School Program at the UCLA Community Elementary School in Los Angeles.  Together, we created “The Blessed&Appreciative Brotherhood”, a pilot boy’s enrichment program.  The B&A Brotherhood was designed to promote unity and respect among inner city boys.  It incorporates restorative justice and violence prevention components, along with small group mentoring and many “big brother/little brother” teachable moments.

The boy’s participating in the weekly program have learned all about what it means to be a “brother” and to look out for one another.  One topic we covered was the events which took place in Baltimore, and how it might affect boys and girls living in the city.  The conversation led to the Brotherhood wanting to make a small difference, by creating a unity video.  B&A leaders were able to connect with elementary school teachers from inner city Baltimore, and this video was shared inside multiple classrooms in Baltimore.

We are very proud of the boys in the Brotherhood for spreading unity and respect from coast to coast!  Take a glimpse of the future…

- The B&A Team

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