2017 B&A Scholarship Info

Thank you for your continued support of our Scholarship Fundraisers.  It is great to see friends and family come together to give back to our community. Through your continued support we will award a partial scholarship to a local high school senior planning to attend trade-school this Fall.  If you know of a worthy individual please use the form below to submit an application.

Scholarship Requirements:

    1. Graduating high school student attending a trade-school in Fall 2017.
    2. Selection criteria will be based on financial need and prior academic performance.
    3. One award will be made annually.
    4. Awards will be the total amount of money raised at identified Blessed & Appreciative Scholarship Fundraising events.
    5. To apply for renewal of the grant will require that the recipient maintains a cumulative 2.8 GPA. 
    6. Funds will be paid directly to the school, whereby the school will apply the grant funds only for enrolled students.
    7. If the terms of the grant are violated, any subsequent disbursements will be halted immediately, and the recipient will be prohibited reapplication for the grant.
    8. Relatives of selection committee, officers, directors, substantial contributors are ineligible for awards/grants. 

Submit all scholarship applications and inquiries to scholarships@blessedandappreciative.com or mail to:

B&A Scholarship
P.O. Box 4604, Harrisburg PA, 17111

 Click here for the B&A Scholarship Application